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Hi, my name is Sandy Ward and I am a medium. At the age of 3 I knew I had spirit around me and as a child it felt so warm and loving to have these souls around me. Over the years I have felt guided in the direction of learning and studying more and more about communication with spirit which has helped me strengthen my gift, most recently with James Van Praagh who has been both kind and encouraging. My family and friends have known me as a helpful and insightful person but I knew I could do more to help others, so the work I have done over the course of time to develop my abilities has made my contact with spirit very strong but more importantly given me the courage to know I must help others through my gift. I have been reluctant to come out to my friends and family as I developed as a medium but know in my heart that this is a calling for me in this life that is ushering me into a has new phase where I will help others who are grieving or simply looking for messages from their loved ones. I also understand that some people that are close to me may no longer want to associate with me because of my ability and I do understand and respect these people’s decision, but I know I must move forward in with this gift that has been given to me and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share this with others.  I have witnessed how messages from souls of loved ones that have passed on has helped people with their grieving process and with the knowledge that their loved ones are still around them today which is what drives me to do more to help others.  

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